Companies that do not know green data center cooling efficiency have overcooled. Because of this, they failed and wasted maximum energy. Hence, the function of data center energy management is to control the data center cooling system to consume power and get the best energy efficiency. For more details, keep scrolling.

The cooling system plays a significant role in making energy more efficient in data centers. The US consumes energy from various Information technology equipment, which has risen by approximately 36% since 2005.

The data center provides the infrastructure of data center management technologies: millions of servers and computing devices for data processing and storage. Thus, the maximum increasing efficiency of various computers and heavy equipment will increase the demand for CRAC cooling.

For better understanding, we explained that green data center cooling is a collection of various tools, equipment, processes, and techniques to ensure the ideal temperature and monitor humidity level inside the data center with equipements.

Green Data Center Cooling System

As we know, the data center uses a huge amount of electricity, which contains heat. More heat is generated when the number of equipment is combined to facilitate the data center.

To ensure the proper data center cooling, every company must require cooling, ventilation, and humidity control to keep all equipment within desired temperature ranges.

We must realized, the data center will become crucial when it becomes overheated. Thus, green data center cooling must remain safe to protect your data center from big losses. Companies must apply various energy-efficient techniques to make the environment cooler and reduce energy costs.

Hence, this would be only possible if companies used specialized power and cooling system. If the data center size is bigger, then they require more energy. We have enlisted the special techniques everyone must follow to get off the overheating issue.

Another major energy waste factor is a large uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Most UPS contains a double battery inside and a double-conversion design.

This process means that the incoming alternating (AC) power is rectified to direct current (DC), which charges the batteries. Because of this, they converted back to AC through an inverter.

Power is almost lost as heat through each step in the change process. However, its losses further through every transformer in the power chain.

Importance of Cooling Data Center

The excess humidity and high temperature is the major factor that badly destroys the pieces of equipment and devices that cause malfunction and stop working.

When damaged, the equipment will strongly wil lead to various fire risks and other safety issues. These risks increase operational costs as equipment must be repaired or replaced more frequently.

One thing which we recommend all to buy additional and up-to-date equipment to keep up with cooling needs.

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How Green Data Center Cooling Systems Work

Mostly, people are curious to know about the functionality of the cooling system in the data center. So, to ease people, we have enlisted the process of how the cooling system in the Data Center works. Cooling functionality removes excess heat from the air and replaces it with cool air. Hava e a look at the steps mentioned below

  • Firstly, they release the hot air outside and then bring the outside air inside.
  • Then they cool it and circulate it in the facility.
  • After this, they recycle the internal air by cooling, usually through a hot and cold aisle design, to maximize cooling efficiency.
  • When they release the hot air outside, they draw the pre-chilled outside air into the facility to cool it down. This process is also called free cooling, but it only works if the data center is in colder places.
  • One must keep in mind that the cooling or heating of the facility to the highest temperature and if the equipment is replaced, it may result in failure. Such a type of unit is called so-called heat cooling or close-coupled cooling.

Is Data Center Eco-Friendly?

Yes, the data center eco-friendly in nature as the number of data centers is increasing rapidly worldwide. Many factors make the data center energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Switch to Eco-Mode

  • The alternating USPs is the eco-mode, which works to make the data center most efficient and can significantly improve data center efficiency.

Adjustment of Temperature

  • They also adjust the temperature. For example, if the data center is in a cold region, the cold air from outside can be used to cool the equipment.

Usage of Renewable Energy

  • The third thing that makes data centers eco-friendly is using renewable energy. In this era, mostly, the data center uses backup generators which run on diesel fuel in case of an outage. This generator keeps running and does not stop, which causes pollution. They built solar panels or hydroelectric plants to control this situation, which creates energy for backup generators without environmental harm. If renewable energy fails to provide full energy to the backup system, they replace the old diesel model with a clean power generator.


From the above points, it is clarified that cooling is the only process that keeps the data center energy efficient and makes them eco-friendly. Those who face difficulty in their cooling system or don’t understand how to resolve the problem of ineffective energy efficiency but read the abovementioned steps.

They continuously make efforts for better efficiency and regulation. However, hope took place in their minds on the regulation fronts and certification. Every organization must select the data center as it is helpful for thousands of enterprises and agencies.We also proved that Green data center cooling is a good process and data center eco-friendly also exists. Once you follow the abovementioned steps, you will resolve your issue.

We try our test to clear your mind’s confusion, but if you still have any queries, then feel free to comment. We love to answer your problems. Saving your data center from malfunction is our foremost priority.

The above discussion proved that the data center would only protect by efficient energy and a friendly environment. So don’t forget to visit our website regularly to get the latest updates regarding the data center.

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